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The concept of outstanding universal value to humanity in Archaeology and Architecture.

Hidden in the depths of a jungle or triumphant on top of a hill, VISIOTEL goes to archaeological sites to pursue ancient knowledge worldwide. In all four corners of the world, we will visit places where evidence of past human activity is preserved. We will search for these archaeological artifacts, which will allow us to find the material traces left by Man in the past and found buried. Of course, we went to the Acropolis of Athens, and the Giza Pyramids, but even if some of them are not yet World Heritage Sites, you will be amazed to discover lesser-known archaeological sites that you’ve probably never heard of.

Historical, Cultural, and Sacred sites help us to understand the world. Discover the fabulous history of religion’s intimacy with architecture. From dilapidated ruins to gleaming towers, we discover the Asian temples, for a journey through Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism. Of course, we focused on the magnificent heritage of Islamic architecture with its great architectural and artistic contributions to the world. Then, from breathtaking Armenian medieval monasteries from the 10th century to European Synagogues ruins, witnesses of a flourishing era, and through Christian Cathedrals Churches, Basilicas, each of our episodes tell you the story of its outstanding universal value.

Sacred sites that are representative of the different cultures and traditions of the world.

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